Monday, February 11, 2008

Panama City Beach

Kevin and I have never been to the gulf coast and we are only an hour away so we thought we'de take a trip this past saturday. As we got there we realized we were only 1 more hour away from Panama City Beach so we decided to go all the way. It was a beautiful drive along the shoreline. We got to the beach around lunch time and found out there was way too much to do in one day - so we found a great hotel and hit up the local target for some needed overnight items.

Kevin and I are so used to the beaches around Virginia and North Carolina, that the gulf was the most amazing thing we have seen. The sand was a beautiful white and the water bluer and cleaner then we could have ever imagined. The kids loved playing in the sand. Their favorite game was the infamous run-away from the waves game. It was such a great weekend and we loved watching the kids play together. We never thought we would go to the beach in mid February and actually play outside, but this weekend was a bombing 75 degrees with no clouds in the sky. We are trully loving it!

Look at those gorgeous palm trees!! I am such a tourist taking pictures while we drive:)

One of my monkeys, burger king!

We couldnt help ourselves when he wouldnt let us fix his hat. This is our Kooper:) :)

The kids coming out of the slide.


Anonymous said...

Wow' how much fun your cute little family must have had. I would love to Vacation down there. Chrissy all the pictures were so cute. But that one of you and Khloe was very adorable. Can't wait for more!!!!

kristin said...

How fun! I love how spontaneous and fun you are with your kids! I was at the Gulf Coast in November. It was liberating to be on a warm beach in the winter! I love reading your updates!