Monday, February 11, 2008

The Gulf World

While we were there we visited this place called the "Gulf World". Coolest place ever...hands down!! It was like a mini sea world. There were animals everywhere. Flamingos, alligators, parrot shows, penguins, sea lions, sharks, etc... The best part of it was the dolphin show. We got up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. Kollin said his favorite part was when the dolphins were "dancin in style"! We had the kids sit in the splash zone (which kaylee wasnt too happy about). Kollin and Kaylee even got to go up front and help the trainers show how dolphins mimic humans...dancing, twisting, nodding their heads, waved, etc. Coolest place to go with kids!!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun family picture with you all and the parrots. You guy's have so much fun with your little family. Aren't those some of the funniest times when it's just you and your little fam. Looking at your pictures sure does make us miss you more. It would be so much fun to beable to live closer to each other. You know are kids are all about the same ages. So move are way next. Please!!!