Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bubble Baths

I do all I can to completely exhaust these guys by bed time each night. But if it seems they still have a little left in them I go to the good ole' bubble bath. I love all the ideas they come up with together. The kids think the great "Santa Clause" look is always fun!

Doin the "Clause".

Kaylee trying to figure out why her feet look all pruny:)


Anonymous said...

Hey, It's me
Bath time is defiantly the best way to get them more sleepy and ready to hit the bed. Don't you just love what they can come up with while playing in the bath.

Have you been making your own templates? I love your new one!!!
Give me the scoop. Love, Britt

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to list my website on your blog!!! ( select a clippie or bow for your daughter so I can mail it to you! Also, I need your address!! go to my me that way!