Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An update on our family!

How exciting these last 8 weeks have been!!! So much has happened. Kevin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, our 4th child-Khloe was born, christmas, new years, and finally we are here in Florida!

Kevin and I are busier than imaginable. Kevin has started another building here in Tallahassee after a wonderful 7 weeks off! In that time he has been able to pick up a hobby that he's always enjoyed...Golf. Our apartment backs up to a golf course so its incredibly convienient for him. It has been the best having Kev at home but I think we are all ready for routine again. He just celebrated his 25th birthday and the only thing he really wanted was to vedge on the couch. We had so much fun looking back and realizing just how fast time has gone by. Who would have known that by his 25th birthday he would be married, have a career well on its way and the most shocking (we think) have 4 kids!!! yikes:) Now added to his busy schedule...working out each day (preparing ourselves for our beach vacation this summer!!) and a special date each month with each the kids individually. We are so greatful for him and so proud of the husband and father he is. He works so hard each day just to support his family and does such a great job!!

Me, well I try not to think of all that needs to be done each day. I go minute by minute trying to keep up with my routine (which is essential for a happy day)! Each day consists of swiffering, vaccuming, cleaning up toys-books-puzzles, wiping up baby puke, doing laundry every other day just to keep up with it, trying to sanatize as much as I can, feeding an infant every 3 hours, cleaning bottles, almost daily trips to walmart, running errands, getting kollin to school by 8, getting kay and koop to their different activities each morning, libraries, parks, hitting the gym each morning or evening, trying to remember to feed the kids at least 3 healthy meals each day, reading book after book after book and going on special one-on-one dates with each child each month. In the middle of all that I have somehow figured out how to get each child down for "quiet time" by 1:30. Saying the word "naptime" completely freaks the kids out so the phrase is "quiet time"! Now, dont get me wrong...I love my children and they are my pride and joy, but this is my favorite time of the day! This is usually the time that I do most my cleaning and the only time of day I can make some phone calls. Kevin and I are very strict about the 8 O'Clock bedtime for many reasons:) This is the time that I go grocery shopping or get myself and the house ready for it to all start over the next day. Its also the time that kevin and I catch up on movies. One of the best things that relax us both from a long day is watching a good movie or even better...our favorite tv show "Friends"!!!!! We have collected all 10 seasons just to be prepared for that rainy day:) This all sounds crazy but its our lifestyle and honestly, we love every minute of it!!!

Kollin has started preschool 5 days a week at Scottsdale Academy right next to kevins jobsite. He has gotten so smart and I'm so proud of him except for the times that he out-smarts me:) He has mastered his ABC's and can spell a few 3-lettered words (dog, cat, mom, dad, ball, etc). We are working on his reading. A favorite part of my day is picking him up and seeing the imaginative pictures he has drawn that day or his excitment when he learns to spell a new word. Today he learned the game Hot Potatoe and wouldnt tell me about it...he had to show me. Needless to say we have played it about 5 times already. He loves to tell kay and koop that they're out! He is such a great big brother! He loves to help the others get dressed and do things like pass their snacks out, wash their hair in the bathtub, or give Khloe her passy when she's upset. Our kids are bathed and in bed by 8 O'clock, however kollin loves staying up a little past that to watch "our shows" (thats what he calls them) like biggest loser and his favorite - Americas Funniest Home Videos. He calls that "the funny show". One of his favorite activities is playing his Nintendo DS that he got for christmas. He wont let us forget that we promised him a trip to Disney World come March! I cannot believe that he starts kindergarden this fall. Although he turns 5 this year, he will always be my little boy!!

Kaylee is truly my "little princess". She has to be tough because the boys pound on her, but there is nothing that she would love more than to dress up like Cinderella or the Island Princess. Her closet is overflowing with dress up clothes, shoes, and other accesories. She wont let me leave the house until she has lathered herself in "smelly" lotion (as she says) and has some sort of bow or clip in her hair and necklace or bracelet on (usually both)! On our date nights her favorite thing to do is buy a new outfit. She is my 16 year old in a 3 year olds body! Kevin and I love her "princess" phase she's in and are fearful she will never get out of it. We cant remember the last time that we had a normal song besides "The Island Princess" stuck in our heads. I love it when kevin goes around singing it:) :) She is so good at puzzles and refuses to let me help her! She is such a great big sister and is always so worried about kooper and khloe. She is my beauty and I love her, love her, love her!!!

Koop, Koop, Koop...He has the funnest personality out there!!! He loves footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, you name it...he'll say "ba-ball"! And the most frustrating thing ever is that he'll repeat what he's saying until you say it word-for-word back to him. I dont know if its to make sure he knows we understand him or if its just to drive mommy as crazy as they come:) The trip to Florida really messed him up potty wise, but we are trying to get him back on hurry of course. For some reason our kids are usually potty-trained before they can talk but for kooper its the opposite. He is our most talkative child (at his age)! He is always eating:) :) His word for snack is "nak". I love it!!! He is so rough and tough. I dont remember the last time he didnt have a goose egg on his forehead. My mom jokes that he should walk around wearing a helmet because he's so wild! His favorite thing right now is Buzz Lightyear and Mi-mouse :) One of my favorite times each day is watching him dance to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song...for those who know it, its actually pretty catchy!! His hugs are to dye for and I love his awesome opened mouth pecks. (that sounds gross, but they are actually adorable!) One of these days I'm going to get a video of him makes us laugh so hard. He is so short, but my gosh so fast!!! He's at the cuttest and funnest stage. I love you koop dog:)

Khloe has grown so fast. She can hold her head up great and I'm sure it was an accident - but she rolled over by herself a few days ago. She smiles all the time especially first thing in the morning. I think the best part is how spoiled she is. She knows when she is put down and has this whine that I just cant handle. Its a great excuse to cuddle as much as possible! Khloe skin didnt react so well to the Florida tap water and her face broke out pretty bad. But, after a switch to bottled water and some cortizone she's back to normal. The kids love her to death. Koop loves kissin her and kollin could sit on the couch feeding and holding her forever! Especially during his shows. I am loving dressing her up each and every second of every day, even if we are just sittin around the house. The best part is matching her and kaylee's outfits, necklaces, name it!! We have been so blessed with our children and have so much to be thankful for.


Katrina said...

I am loving all of the updates!!!!!! Your family really is adorable and you look fantastic! What a great family!

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog. Your kids of course are adorable. The sweet things you had to say about them all. I just loved it. Can't wait for more. Love Britt