Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trip to Utah

This has been such a fun month with Khloe coming and Christmas, but most of all Kevin having off. We have missed our family and friends in Utah a lot since we left and made a quick decision to drive out there and visit for a few days. We left early last Sunday and got their by Monday night. It was such a fun trip. The kids did surprisingly well (thanks to the dvd player and lots of movies). We got to see Chrissy's sister Stacey and her husband Kyle as well as lots of great friends down in Pleasant Grove. It was such a fun week as the kids spent lots of time with their Nana and Papa (kevins parents) and uncles Kyle and Kelly. And Kollin and Kaylee wont let us forget to include their two dogs Max and Lucy. We did lots of playing around the house because Khloe was only a week old, but enjoyed our bouncer and playing with the dogs. Kol and Kay loved them...but Kooper would only tap them and run away. And, since we're moving to Florida we were afraid we wouldn't see any snow, but thanks to good ole' Utah we got to see a few inches! Kevin was able to go snowboarding with his dad and brothers for a day which was good for him seeing that we live in a house full of girls :) We wanted to get back to Virginia by Christmas so we could only visit for a few days, but we had so much fun that 4 days of driving was completely worth it!! We already miss Utah and everyone out there and cant wait to take the trip again!

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